About Cehuma

CEHUMA, with its qualified manpower and strong engineering know-how, specialized in the manufacturing of high quality vacuum/modified atmosphere packaging machines and automatic forming filling sealing machines ,which are also called as HFFS (horizontal thermoform fill seal machines) or TFFS (thermoform fill seal) or FFS (form fill seal) or even as thermoformer, basically for food and food products, medical kits, consumer goods or similar industries. CEHUMA mainly has two range of packaging machines one of which is called CM series mainly for vacuum and MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) applications and the other one is called YZ series for automatic form fill seal applications.

CM Series thermoformers are basically for vacuum and MAP applications and very often used packaging of dairy, meat, poultry, seafood, dried fruits and vegetables, bakery, medical kits, consumer goods and similar products… The machine is chain driven type which means the plastic film material forward movement is done by the gripper chain system. Further, CM series are suitable for processing of both the flexible and rigid plastic films both in vacuum and MAP applications.

Our Second type of thermoformer which is YZ Series which we offer mainly for automatic filling and sealing appplications. YZ Series are very often used for filling and sealing of water, juices, ketchup, mayo, honey, jam, chocolate paste, nut paste, butter, cream cheese, coffe milk, yoghurt… The machines is a cam driven machine which means the plastic film forward move is done by a mechanical cam system leading a very high speed production (around 35 cycles per minute). YZ Series are capable of processing rigid film.

Thanks to our innovative engineering team since Cehuma not only offers standard thermoforming packaging machines but also supplies complete custom-built solutions for different capacity levels from entry models to up to fully automated packaging lines from a single source with a customer friendly flexibility.

Cehuma with its indispensable motto "better packaging for a better world", hopes to build the future together with its customers calmly but decisively.


Cehuma aims to be a company who uses scientific methods in thermoforming packaging machines and develops these methods to achieve the best possible solutions to add value not only to the environment but also to its customers and employees for sustainable processing and packaging.


Our vision is to be globally a well respected and first-preferred supplier in integrated packaging solutions particularly for thermoforming packaging machines by continously creating know-how and technology in its industry.


  • Transparency
  • Reliability
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Qualified Manpower
  • Knowledge Oriented
  • Cooperativeness