Automatic Vacuum / MAP Packaging Machines

CM series thermoformers are basically for automatic vacuum and MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) applications and very often used in dairy, meat, poultry, seafood, dried fruits and vegetables, bakery, medical and so on. The machine is chain driven type which means the plastic film material forward movement is done by the gripper chain system. Further, CM series are suitable for processing of both the flexible and rigid plastic films up to a width of 600 mm and a thickness of 1200μm.
Automatic Vacuum / MAP Packaging Machines
Technical Specifications
  • Capacity (Cyc/min) | 5-12
  • Web Width (mm) | 180-600
  • Bottom Web Material | Flexible/Rigid
  • Top Web Material | Pa+Pe/AL/Tyvek
  • Machine Length (mm) | 3500-9500
  • Forming Depth (mm) | 60-150
  • Energy Consumption (kW) | 8-38
  • Electric Suppy (3x380V. 50 Hz)
  • Air Pressure (Bar) | 6-8
  • Cooling Water (C) | 10-16
  • Flexible / Rigid Film
  • Vacuum / MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) Application
  • Dosing and Product Loading Systems
  • Coding and Printing Systems
  • Metal Dedectors / Check Weighers
  • IP65 Level of Protection
  • Printed Film Registration Top Film
  • Corrosion-Resistant Gripper Chain
  • Entire Stainless Steel Structure
  • Modular Construction
  • Programmable Advance Speed
  • Multi-Language Selection
  • Safety Standards According to "EC" Regulations
  • Large Touch Screen
Sample Applications
Dairy products Dairy products
Meat products Meat products
Fresh meat Fresh meat
Poultry Poultry
Seafood Seafood
Dates Dates
Bakery Food Bakery Food
Medical kits Medical kits
Olives Olives
Fresh Cut Fruits & Vegetables Fresh Cut Fruits & Vegetables
Dried Fruits Dried Fruits
Ready to Eat Meals Ready to Eat Meals