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Labelling And Printing Solutions

Labelling Solutions
Labelling Solutions Cehuma do offer completely integrated labelling device to its thermoform packaging machines and thermoform fill seal machines to label on thermoformed packs both at the end of the line or on the machine for ongoing process for its customers to have a turn-key solution on their thermoform packaging applications. It is always very important that the thermoform packaging machine maker who knows the packaging process makes the integration of labelling device to its machine for a reliable and efficient working of both equipments in a harmony. Contact to our experts to choose the best fitted labelling solution to your thermoform packaging machine application.
Printing Solutions
Printing Solutions Date coders are the equipments used on packaging lines to print date information on packs and labels. Date coding of products – especially food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products–is required by local regulations around the world. Cehuma offers fully integrated continous inkjet printers, thermal printers and laser printers on its thermoform packaging machines and thermoform fill seal machines that print fixed and variable data to packages / trays during ongoing production.