Quality Control Solutions

Metal Detector
Metal Detector Cehuma offers fully integrated metal dedector systems to its thermoform packaging machines which enables a perfect inline metal dedection system and so a reliable food packaging process. With the help of inline metal dedection system, our customers feel comfortable against its customers with a reliable metal-free production and thus get one step ahead of its competetors in the market. Contact to our experts to choose the best fitted metal dedection system to your thermoform packaging machine application.
Check Weigher
Check Weigher Cehuma also offers fully inline check weigher integration to its thermoform rollstock packaging machines which %100 checks each product at the output of the thermoform machine and seperates the products out of weight tolerance so the end user has a very trusted and efficient automated quality control system. Get in touch with our experts to choose the optimum inline check weigher to your thermoform packaging machine.
Gaz Analyser
Gaz Analyser Inline gas analysers are very suitable for thermoform modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) machines where there is a continous gas content checking with the gas analyser and thus ensures the correct gas content in the MAP pack avoiding the misproduction as a reliable quality control solution.