Automation And Robotic Solutions

Cartesian Robot and Cartoning Machine
Cartesian Robot and Cartoning Machine Cehuma do offer cartesian robot and cartoning machine systems to the end of the machine which opens the carton first then pass it to the robot which picks the thermoform packed product up from the thermoform packaging machine and then puts into the carton and later passes it to the cartoning machine again for closing the carton, all operations done smoothly in the same line so the end user of thermoform packaging machine gets its producted packed in carton boxes in a complete automated line. This type of cartesian robot and cartoning machine solutions often preferred for cup water, cup juice, ketchup, mayo, honey, jam, sauce butter, margarine makers at the end of the thermoform fill seal machines to speed up the process with a fully automated line.
Palletizing Robot
Palletizing Robot Cehuma offers palletizing robotic systems which automates the process of stacking thermoform packed and cartoned products onto pallets. The system can also be programmed to depalletize. Palletizing robotic systems often used after the cartesian robot and cartoning systems, with the help of complete automated line end users to reduce their labor costs, speed up their production, keep perishaple thermoform packed products at optimum temperatures. Get in touch with our experts to check the optimum automation solution to your thermoform packaging machine.
Automatic Loading
Automatic Loading With the strong engineering team Cehuma also offers automatic loading solutions to its customers when they need high speed output from their thermoform rollstock packaging machine with low number of labors in a hygienic way. Automatic loading systems are not standard solutions, design and construction of the line depends on the product that is needed to be packed in thermoform rollstock machine , compliant with international food regulations, it can be sausages, biscuits, cheeses, salami, cookies, dried fruits, poultry products...
Line Converger
Line Converger Line convergers are typical tray (package) arranging and aligning systems that used when there is a need of labelling of the thermoformed pack, date printing of the thermoform packed product, any loading or automatic robotic option needed at the end of the thermoform rollstock packaging machine or thermoform fill seal machine. Contact to our technical experts to find the best possible solution for integration to your thermoform packaging machine.
Slicing Solutions
Slicing Solutions Cehuma also offers the full integrated slicing systems to its thermoform packaging machines compliant to food regulations and hygienic design rules when there is a need on packaging sliced products in thermoform rollstock machines. The system solution includes high speed and quality slicing, portioning of the product, and loading of the sliced products to thermoform packaging machine in a precise way.