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Cheese Vacuum Packing Machine

Unless you are lactose intolerant, and sometimes, even if you are, most people enjoy indulging in cheese. Not only is cheese a yummy snack to consume on its own, but cheese is also in pizza, pasta, burgers, and Mexican cuisines, to name a few. Cheese is one of the most popular foods in the world because of its versatility to be consumed in many different forms and meals.The global cheese consumption is increasing year after year where cheese is a staple that is not only sold locally, but it is also exported. The only problem with exporting cheese is figuring out how to preserve it so it stays fresh.

What’s the best way to preserve cheese?

Cheese vacuum packaging is the latest solution to storing and preserving your cheese products so that they stay fresh and last longer! Vacuum sealing technologies remove the air between the product and packaging to prevent bacteria from entering the package. Cheese can last up to two weeks with ordinary storage containers but a vacuum sealer extends the shelf life from four to eight months.

Cheese Vacuum Packaging
Despite what kind of cheese you are storing, Cehuma’s vacuum packaging machines can provide you with a superior solution to packing your cheeses. For cheese manufacturers, having a machine that preserves various types of cheeses is an advantage that adds to your bottom line. Vacuum sealing machines can package bulk cheeses, shredded cheeses, cheese blocks, individual snack cheeses and more. Whether your cheese is organic, natural or processed, the benefits of vacuum sealing your cheeses are the same, as it is the best way to keep your cheese fresh for optimum shelf life.
Cheese Vacuum Packing Machine 1Cheese Vacuum Packing Machine 2Cheese Vacuum Packing Machine 3
Cheese Packaging Machine

With the rising consumption and exports of cheese, thermoforming vacuum packaging machines are an indispensable part of cheese production.
Cheese Vacuum Packing Machine 4
Here are some advantages of cheese vacuum packaging:
  • Protection of Product: Vacuum sealed packaging protects your product from getting ruined and spoiling, and it also preserves the look, flavor and freshness for maximum appeal.
  • Extended Shelf Life: The shelf life of cheese extends 4 to 6 months when you use vacuum sealed packaging.
  • Visible Packaging: Clear packaging allows consumers to feel more comfortable buying your products because they can see exactly what they’re buying.
  • Efficiency: Vacuum sealing is a quick and efficient method to pack and preserve any products, including cheese.
  • Product Integrity: Vacuum sealing keeps your products away from any contaminants that could damage the cheese.
  • Convenience: Vacuum sealing machines are conveniently sized to be used in any sized space or facility.
Cehuma’s cheese vacuum packing machines are designed to conveniently package and seal your cheeses in order to maintain your products’ freshness and look.

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