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Last Delivery of the Year !

Cehuma keeps up growing with new markets, new applications and new customers. We are more than proud to close the year %100 export success!

FY 2023 was a great year for CEHUMA as we did participate exhibitions from Russia to Dubai, from Germany to Turkiye. With the support of our dealers, partners and of course the dedicated team. This year we delivered many new thermoforming packaging and FFS machines some of which were quite ambitious including full automation systems, complete turn-key solutions such as cartesian pick&place robots and carton openning-closing units.

There were applications for meat, seafood, chicken, poultry, bakery, fresh cut fruits and vegetables including integrated top labellers, metal detection units, inkjet printing systems and more… These applications were with our full automatic CM series, thermoform vacuum / MAP Packaging machines.

Cehuma also did manufacture and delivery full automatic form fill seal machines (FFS) for ketchup, mayonnaise, honey, jam, spread cheese, butter and margarine.

Our last delivery of this year is again for one of our valuable export customer. It is a meat packaging application both with flexible and rigid films and vacuum and MAP application.

We would like to thank to our customers for their trust to our technology.

Cehuma wishes you a happy new year!

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