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Horizontal FFS Machine

Flexible packaging is trending in many industries because of benefits like portability, durability, and product preservation. However, flexible packaging requires specialized machinery to transform the material into a finished product that can be sold to consumers.

What is FFS Machine?

Form, fill and seal (FFS) machines are a popular way to durably seal, fill and pack food and non-food products. FFS machines offer flexible packaging solutions to keep products as fresh and decontaminated as possible.

What is FFS Packaging?

An FFS machine constructs plastic bags and stand-up pouches out of a flat roll of film, while simultaneously filling and sealing the bags with solid or liquid product. The objective of an FFS machine is to reduce the contamination during manufacturing by forming, filling, and sealing the product in a sterile chamber inside the machine. This protects the product from any personnel interaction or bacteria in the outside environment. Cehuma’s line of horizontal form fill and sealing (FFS) solutions include thermoforming packaging for various food and medical products. FFS packaged foods include dairy products, condiments, meats, juices and more. Non-food medical products can be anything from ointments to syringes and other medical supplies that require careful packaging and high sanitation.

FFS Packaging

There are two types of FFS machines that offer flexible packaging solutions; a horizontal machine (HFFS) and a vertical machine (VFFS). The difference between these machines involves the way the products are dispensed into the packages.

HFFS Machine

The horizontal FFS machine creates the top and bottom seals for a package from the film sheet by applying heat and pressure. Operation is intermittent in an HFFS machine where the plastic film is drawn off a supply reel by a pair of rollers. The reel passes through a folding plough which folds it in half.

HFFS Machine
VFFS Machine
A vertical FFS machine is a common packaging machine used to put goods into bags on a production line. A VFFS machine starts by forming the bag, filling it with product, and sealing it in preparation for shipment. The packaging is filled vertically and sealed in a sequence of operations while the film is sealed downwards, vertically. VFFS machine uses are best for powders, liquids, or free-flowing solids (sugar, grain, sand, etc.) Due to their varying structures, HFFS and VFFS machines are tailored towards certain products: HFFS machine products: best for single, solid items that are easily contained and handled such as candy bars, smaller toys, bar soaps, etc. VFFS machine products: best for products that are loose, granulated or difficult to handle manually like liquids, sugar, potato chips, creams, oils, gels, etc. Having an understanding of your product, packaging requirements, and operational capabilities will be most beneficial when you invest in a FFS machine.
Advantages of Form Fill Seal (FFS) Technology
  • Increased production rate,
  • Inexpensive packaging materials when compared to pre-made bags,
  • Lower capital costs when packing more than 500 bags per hour,
  • Versatile packaging solutions for various products,
  • High safety and sanitation standards,
  • Consistent packing rate and product design,
  • Compact manufacturing,
  • Total automation offers lower labor costs.
Decrease your costs, increase your productivity and invest in the packaging solution that your business needs with Cehuma. For questions or inquiries about our horizontal FFS machines, contact us by phone, email or on our website.
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